We always love hearing about new trends in developing people potential. One of the innovations that caught our interest on Trendwatching.com is Delta’s Innovation Class.

In March 2014, Delta launched Innovation Class: a mentoring program that connects new entrepreneurs to with established industry professionals. Delta invited a number of leaders in the fields of art, technology and enterprise to travel to select events around the world.

Mentees could apply for a free seat next to these experts via their LinkedIn profile. A shortlist of candidates is chosen and one of these gets a free flight to the event and an opportunity to be mentored during the flight.

“As an entrepreneur, it’s dangerous to think that it’s not a good thing to share. If people become comfortable with sharing their projects and their goals, we will all accomplish them much faster.” — Eric Migicovsky

Each Innovation Class was hosted by a different mentor. The first of the flights took participants to the TED conference with Eric Migicovsky, creator of the Pebble Smartwatch, as host. James Patton was selected to be the first mentee. James works to create new ways to visualize, understand and modulate digital information by using physical objects.

If you could take part in the Innovation Class who would you like to be mentored by?