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Negotiation Skills

About the course

Whether you like it or not you are a Negotiator.  Negotiation is part and parcel of life – and a significant aspect of work life. As organisation structures move away from traditional hierarchies toward flat team based approaches, negotiation skills are an essential competency.

Research has identified four major shortcomings in negotiation. This course helps participants avoid these errors, create value in negotiation, claim the value they create and ultimately build relationships and trust with colleagues and stakeholders. We share best practice and insights from leading academic programmes on Negotiations (PON Harvard)  

Duration: 2 Days

This course is for:

  • Anyone involved in negotiation with suppliers, internal and external customers and colleagues as part of their role.
  • Individuals with a formal role in negotiations who wish to build on their existing skills.  
  • Individuals or teams involved in managing needs and agendas of different stakeholder groups (e.g. project managers)


What will I get from the programme?

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Apply understanding of the structure underpinning all negotiations
  • Use a framework to prepare and plan in a structured way
  • Develop strategies to manage the progression of negotiations to a desired outcome
  • Understand where power comes from in negotiations and develop bargaining strategies that will bring about the best outcome
  • Manage high levels of emotion in negotiation situations
  • Understand how to use patterns of concessions to expand the negotiation pie
  • Build swift trust and understand how to repair relationships where trust has been broken
  • Develop strategies for dealing with negative tactics during negotiations

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