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Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI is the world’s leading questionnaire for measuring personality type. MBTI is a powerful, versatile personality type assessment that provides the foundations for a deep understanding of personal motivations and group interactions. It can be applied to multiple personal and business issues, revisited over time as new challenges arise. By providing multiple quality-assured insights with a single questionnaire, the MBTI assessment saves organisations time and money.

MBTI looks at personality type based on four fundamental dimensions of individual difference to create 16 personality type profiles:

Extraversion (E) – Introversion (I)
Where you prefer to get or focus your energy

Sensing (S) – Intuition (N)
The kind of information you prefer to gather and trust

Thinking (T) – Feeling (F)
The process you prefer to use in coming to decisions

Judging (J) – Perceiving (P)
How you prefer to deal with the world around you

The insights gained provide a framework for tackling a wealth of issues that can be applied in both professional and private arenas.

MBTI Personality

How does the MBTI Assessment work?

There are two stages to the Assessment.

  • Firstly you complete a questionnaire online and this will produce a report showing your Type based on your responses. Your Type is represented using four letters from the dimensions above (e.g. ESTJ, INFP).

  • The second stage is a face to face meeting with your practitioner on 1:1 or group basis. They take you through the tool and each of the 4 dimensions of personality type.

  • The practitioner explains, using lots of examples, how individuals with each type typically behave in certain situations e.g. during meetings, when making decisions, dealing with new information, organising holidays, working on projects, in networking situations.

  • Based on this discussion you identify which preference you think best fits you. You compare this to the reported Type and work through a process to arrive at your MBTI type.

  • You receive a workbook which contains detailed information about all 16 types – not just yours. It also explains how type influences behaviour in a range of situations.


Our clients like the broad application that the tool affords them in areas such as:

  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership development
  • Managing change
  • Building resilience
  • Team development
  • Career development

MBTI assessment can be done with individuals on 1:1 basis or with groups and teams.

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